House System

Nardin Academy’s House System empowers students to promote collaboration among grade levels, increases Nardin spirit, and showcases their diverse skill sets. Each Nardin House inspires students to become meaningfully and creatively engaged with their peers and the Nardin community at large. In keeping with Nardin’s legacy of tradition, younger students are placed in the same house as their elder siblings. 

House Color, Qualities, and Patron DHM

House Tudor
House Color - Coral
Cardinal House Characteristic - Curiosity
Secondary Characteristics - Opportunity, Growth, and Kindness
Patron DHM - Irene T. Murphy
House Cleveland
House Color - Yellow
Cardinal House Characteristic - Faith
Secondary Characteristics -  Enthusiasm, Positivity, and Happiness
Patron DHM - Harriet Gilles


House Elmwood
House Color -  Purple
Cardinal House Characteristic - Leadership
Secondary Characteristics - Inspiration, Imagination, and Compassion
Patron DHM -  Helen M. McKinney


House Delaware  
House Color - Gray
Cardinal House Characteristic - Critical Thinking
Secondary Characteristics -  Practical, Mature, and Composure
Patron DHM - Patricia Lucas