Nardin Academy’s educational community is immersed in an environment in which the students, faculty and staff, employ existing and emerging technologies within the curriculum to support and empower learning, to connect and collaborate outside the traditional classroom and for independent growth.

The learning environment includes technology tools and opportunities to maximize learning, to build and extend skills and proficiencies while improving individual achievement. At Nardin, we commit to prepare our students to work in an evolving, information-centered, world. The technology infrastructure efficiently delivers tools to assist teachers and students in their abilities to leverage the power of technology to connect to the world, to develop as learners and thinkers while supporting content knowledge and becoming proficient producers and consumers of information.

A few examples of how we support our learners:

Active Learning

Classroom Design

Interactive Whiteboard Panels

Flexible, modular furniture

Group and personal learning experiences

Google for Education

Collaborative content creation

Sharing anytime, anywhere

Video Conferencing

Global learning experiences

Connecting with Experts



WeVideo-critical thinking, creativity, and communication

Vernier Probes- science and math experimentation, data collection, and analysis

Tinkercad-3D design and printing


Green Initiative

1-1 Chromebook program

Gradual implementation of Chromebook applications

Beginning in grade 4 students take Chromebooks home

Schoology-Learning Management System
  • Access to instructional content
  • Homework postings
  • Online practice and assessments

Virtual Reality

Social Studies, Science, Math using Z-space 3D instructional tools


Online resources