Dining at Nardin

Welcome! At Nardin Academy, we believe that every student has the potential to do amazing things and make a difference in the world - even in the dining hall.

Our dining hall team strives to nourish our school population with scratch cooked meals while investing in the surrounding community and sustaining our environment through our waste diversion initiative.  Student participation supported an average dining hall waste diversion rate of 86.44% over the entire 9 years of the program to this point. Additionally, we work with nearly 30 preferred local partners including Natural Upcycling, Wendel’s Poultry, Produce Peddlers, Rosina, Butter Meat Co., and the newly added Bloom & Rose.  It is our pleasure to include your family as a local partner for the 10th year of our innovative scratch cooked meals program. Our goal continues to be the purchase and preparation of as much locally sourced, sustainable food as possible allowing us to make it easy for you and your children to make good choices and enjoy healthful, tasty meals. The nature of our sustainable dining hall does not allow for participation in any federal school lunch program and meals may be purchased following these guidelines.

To participate in the hot lunch program, a student must have funds in their LunchTime account.  Links to LunchTime as well as PDFs containing detailed user instructions are available by selecting the buttons to the right. A freshly prepared soup or stew is available as well as rotating grab and go items like knishes under the heat lamps.  Those items in addition to the sandwich and salad bar bar option offer great alternatives to the daily scratch cooked hot meal offerings. Both sandwich/salad bar plates and daily entree plates will be available for $5.75. 

Funds designated for the Dining Hall may be added to student accounts two ways; either online through the LunchTime site or via checks payable to Nardin Academy and remitted through the business office. Additionally, the platform allows for the set up of email reminders for low account balances or the set up for automatic renewal of funds.

Our goal continues to be the purchase and preparation of as much locally sourced and sustainable food as possible allowing us to make it easy for you and your children to make good choices and enjoy healthful, tasty meals. Be assured that our sustainable dining hall offerings will be prepared in our kitchen under strict sanitary conditions with the health and safety of your students and our dining hall team as our priority.  Many thanks in advance for your continued support as Nardin’s sustainable dining hall continues to grow.  

Please contact Chef Julie at jlevin@nardin.org for assistance with any questions. 


Julie Levin '88, Sustainable Dining Hall Chef

The biggest question to ask yourself about food is, “Where did this come from? Michael Pollan

Fast Facts

  • Our Nardin Dining Hall options are nut-free and corn syrup free!
  • Student participation supports an average dining hall waste diversion rate of 88.29% over the years of the program