Dress Code


Montessori School Dress Code

With the exception of the Toddlers, who do not need to adhere to the dress code, the Nardin Academy uniform is obtained exclusively from Lands' End. Click for more information on ordering.

There are a variety of options for the student: polo shirts in short or long sleeve, khaki shorts, or long pants.There are also a variety of jumpers, skirts and dresses available for the girls. Students must wear sneakers daily. There is no shipping fee if you order from the Lands' End kiosk/computer at Sears.

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Elementary School Dress Code

The Nardin Academy uniform is obtained exclusively from Lands' End; khakis, polos, sweaters, skirts, and skorts from other retailers will not be considered part of the Nardin uniform. There is no shipping fee if you order from the Lands' End kiosk/computer at Sears. Click for more information on ordering.

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High School

While Nardin Academy High School does not have a uniform, students must dress appropriately and modestly, as conforms to the philosophy of Nardin Academy. Skirts, dresses and dress or khaki pants may be worn. A general check of the dress code shall take place daily during homeroom.

If the administration/faculty deems a student's clothing inappropriate, the student must change. Each subsequent infraction of the dress code not only results in a change of clothes, but the student will also receive an automatic detention. Final decisions in matters of dress code shall be made by a member of the administration.

Specific guidelines:
  • Skirts or dresses should be no shorter than mid-thigh. Skirts that are shorter than that, tattered, frayed or generally sloppy in appearance are not suitable. Jersey knit pencil skirts and dresses are not permitted.
  • If a student wears khaki pants, she must have a collared shirt or blouse and wear shoes, not sneakers or dress sneakers. Pants may only be stone or khaki color (no brown or army green) and of a dress cut. This should be a dress up look; therefore, no sweatshirts or t-shirts may be worn with pants. In addition, stretch khakis are not permitted.
  • Dress pants follow the same regulations as khakis. Dress pants should not be confused with jeans, cargo pants or leggings. It should be considered a dress-up look.
  • Students should avoid clothing that is too short, too tight, and too revealing or is badly in need of repair. An example of this is a tight pencil skirt which tends to ride up when students sit and walk.
  • No tank tops, cropped tops, spaghetti straps, strapless tops, controversial or “R” rated tops are permitted.
  • Any garment, top or bottom, from which underwear shows is inappropriate for school.
  • Slippers, flipflops and sandals are not permitted. Platform shoes or shoes with excessively high heels which would be dangerous in corridors and on stairs are not appropriate for school.
  • Sweatpants may be worn to and from school especially during cold weather. Outerwear including hats, may not be worn during school hours. This includes coats, jackets, windbreakers, ski vests and mittens.
  • Bizarre hair color or style, shaved or partially shaved heads, are inappropriate for school.
  • Ornaments worn in any part of the body that is pierced and visible, including the tongue, are NOT ALLOWED. If a student refuses to remove the ornament, further disciplinary action will be taken. Pierced earrings may be worn. Visible tattoos are NOT PERMITTED in school.
  • Any article of clothing, jewelry, or accessory that promotes drinking alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or a lifestyle contrary to the gospel values is inappropriate for school.
  • On dress down days, none of the following will be permitted: jeans with holes or frayed bottoms or edges, sweatpants, lycra or spandex pants or leggings, pajama pants.
  • Proper dress code also applies for school-sponsored functions.