As the first Montessori school in Western New York, we have helped students develop their individual talents and cultivate their intellect, character and courage to make a difference in the world since 1963.

Montessori is an approach to education with the fundamental belief that children learn best in an environment that supports and respects the unique development of each individual. The Toddler and Early Childhood programs take place in a stately home, with beautiful gardens and play spaces in a park-like setting. There, they have the opportunity to engage in learning and exploration that encompass the full range of the Montessori materials. The classrooms are carefully designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the young child, and to foster respect for others, independent learning, and an appreciation of nature, creating a safe environment in which to explore, experiment and discover.

When the children move to the Montessori Elementary program, located at the Cleveland Avenue campus, our students’ educational experiences are enhanced through several unique opportunities. The curriculum is characterised by individualized instruction, small group lessons, and long periods of uninterrupted work time. In addition to expanded academic subjects, including public speaking and performance, students experience is enhanced by shopping trips to the Lexington Co-Op for cooking class ingredients, field trips to theatres and art museums, rollerblading in the Fall and trips to the ice skating rink in the winter time.

A solid relationship between the school and the family is imperative to each child's success, which we build through parent workshops, classroom observations and open communication between faculty and families.

I have always been struck by the wonder of childhood, but it was the educational method and work of Montessori that drew me in to a rich and full teaching experience, many years ago. Witnessing young children becoming independent through their involvement in the classroom is still an awesome sight to me. I invite you to come and discover for yourselves the amazing things that are occurring in our Montessori classrooms.

With my best wishes,

Kristin Whitlock

"In serving the child, one serves life." Maria Montessori

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