Sixth Grade


In sixth grade, students learn expository/literary writing including the parts of an essay as well as descriptive/creative writing and research/persuasive writing, and complete a daily writing journal on social issues and self reflection.

Poetry is also covered in sixth grade, both read and written.

Topics such as racism, acceptance, family, ethics, and friendship are covered in texts such as The Giver by Lois Lowry, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor, and The Boy in The Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.

Grammar and Vocabulary are increased with online practice through IXL, Flocabulary, and Wordly Wise.


In sixth grade, students are exposed to common core topics like ratios and proportions, operations with fractions and decimals, equations and inequalities, statistics, and geometry. Students learn these topics through the use of manipulatives, group work, and individual work.

Learning in sixth grade math also extends beyond the traditional classroom material. Students are exposed to real life situations and problems through projects that they complete. For, instance, this year, students had the opportunity to learn real life skills like writing checks, understanding what a paycheck looks like, and how to manage expenses.

Social Studies

Students learn about ancient civilizations. In the beginning of the year students start with the Core Concepts of Social Studies, such as measuring time, reading maps and learning about different sources of information. Students study the beginning of civilizations from the earliest people to the the Fertile Crescent. Ancient Egypt, China, Greece and Rome are included in the curriculum. The students participate in “hands on” learning experiences throughout the year. Students learn to write their names in cuneiform and hieroglyphics. The chopstick challenge in spring is another favorite student activity. Writing, producing, acting and editing a movie about Egypt is the highlight of the year. Technology is incorporated daily into the lessons. A number of contests are offered to the students to enter throughout the year including Junior Scholastics Mapman and The Buffalo News Editorial Cartoon Contest.


Grade 6 studies Earth Science including the Earth’s structure and geology, climate and weather, astronomy, and space exploration. A year end Unit Project involves incubating chicken eggs to learn about the life cycle of a more complex organism, culminating in the hatching and care of baby chicks.

World Language

Grade 6 is the second half of level 1 and students learn many irregular verb conjugations as well as how to write and talk about past events. Students create we videos introducing their real or imaginary families and homes. Students begin to write longer essays on popular topics using the writers workshop.


Through the study of the Old Testament, students study God's plan for His people.