Performing Arts


As our Montessori programs set the stage for students to become well rounded students of the world, music, voice, and dance are a part of daily life.

Our Montessori has a dedicated music teacher, Grandma Susie, who is a local performer and skilled at engaging children in music and song. Students participate in Montessori music events such as "Sing Peace Around the World 2016." This global Montessori event occurred on the International Day of Peace and began with children singing on the shores of New Zealand, traveled from country to country, and time zone to time zone, reaching Nardin at 10:30am where it continued on until it reached the Hawaiian Islands.

Toddler and Early Childhood program students have the opportunity to build confidence during events such as "Carols and Cocoa," a spring performance, and Ballet performance. Ballet classes are led by Nardin Academy Dance Teacher, Cindy Hannah. After school dance classes are offered on Thursdays and Fridays after school.

Our Montessori Elementary students continue to engage in music, voice, and dance classes throughout their educational journey, and participate in the Nardin Christmas Show.


Our Elementary students broaden their horizons on a daily basis through our performing arts opportunities.

Music & Theater

Within our Elementary School, students in Grades K - 8 study music theory and the understanding of music concepts with a focus on developing both listening and playing skills.

Beginning in the Kindergarten year, Nardin music classes learn to play keyboard from beginning to intermediate to advanced using the Yamaha Music In Education (MIE) program.

The Elementary Orchestra is comprised of students in Grades 3-8 who play a string, woodwind, or percussion instrument. Collaboration is the key to the success of the orchestra, with younger students benefiting from the expertise of older students during weekly meetings. Members must have reading proficiency. If reading proficiency is lacking, lessons can be provided to help reinforce the reading of music in all styles from classical to pop. Performances take place during the holiday season and throughout the year, including Performing Arts Night each spring.

Junior Choir
Junior Choir is comprised of grades 3 - 5 (including Montessori Grade 3). Auditions take place in early October and students learn confidence and poise during a busy holiday performance schedule in Western New York.

Senior Choir
Senior Choir is comprised of grades 6-8. Auditions take place each October and the performance venues include the Children's Hospital Tree Lighting, Roswell, and many charitable organizations throughout Western New York.

Broadway Play
Grades 5 - 8 have the opportunity to perform each fall. Auditions occur the first week in September with Grade 8 students assuming responsibility of the lead roles, and Grades 5 - 7 taking part in the ensemble. Past performances include Annie, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and the Music Man.

Christmas Show
Every year on the last day of school in December, Grades K - 6 participate in a production that includes dancing, singing, and orchestra. This annual tradition gets our community into the holiday spirit and culminates with a live manager scene, reminding us all of the true spirit of Christmas. Montessori students play a significant role in this production as well.

Performing Arts Night
Each spring, various grade levels in the Elementary and Montessori perform at 710 Main Street (formerly known as Studio Arena). From orchestra and choir to ethnic dances this night celebrates world culture. A reception follows the performance.

After School Music Program
Private half hour lessons are offered on-site for a fee and all instruments of the orchestra as well as piano, voice, and guitar are offered.

Liturgical Services
Throughout the year, 8th grade choir members provide liturgical music, leading both mass and prayer service.


Within the Elementary curriculum, boys and girls in Grades K - 8 learn fundamental dance elements: space, time, energy, and relationships.

All genres of dance are offered including ballet, jazz, line dancing, ballroom dance, creative movement, choreography, and dance history.

Our dance program also covers fitness and wellness and teaches step aerobics and yoga lessons.

Dance is a critical component of performances listed above such as the Christmas Show, Performing Arts Night, and the Broadway Play.

There are additional after-school opportunities for students in ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop.

Pep Squad, Grades K - 4, is also part of the dance program.

High School

"Being a musician at Nardin allows you to attend ECMEA and NYSSMA solo competitions in order to qualify to be a participant of honor ensembles around the region all the way up to the national level." Nardin Teacher

Nardin Academy High School's Performing Arts program encompasses a wide variety of interests and allows the student to pursue her artistic passion.

All students have the opportunity to showcase their talents through numerous concerts and performances during the year at beautiful theaters and auditoriums throughout Western New York. We challenge each student to come away with the best experience possible, while most are involved in the performing arts courses for four years.


Our music department includes choir, band, string orchestra, piano classes, and Grace Notes, our liturgical choir. The choir, band and string orchestra are audition-based groups that perform a minimum of three concerts per year, while the members of Grace Notes sing for our monthly liturgies. Our piano classes are offered at two levels, allowing students to start from the basics or improve their current skills.


Our theater department produces a musical in the fall, and a drama in the winter. In addition to the after school opportunities, there are also two theater classes offered as electives during the school day. The theater classes allow the students to learn theater games, improvisation, and character development, all to help grow their character both on and off the stage.


The dance department offers classes for all types of dancers. Whether you’re just looking for a fun workout, or want to learn how to choreograph, our dance classes are fun electives that are taught in our beautiful dance studio.