Religious Studies

Since the founding of Nardin Academy by the Daughters of the Heart of Mary, the goal of the religious studies department is to provide Catholic faith formation, rooted in scripture and the Judeo-Christian tradition, grounded in academic excellence.

It is our belief that a rigorous pursuit of theological knowledge and faith-in-action equips students to become compassionate people of character and integrity, able to recognize and respond to the complex issues of our time.

Religious Studies 9: Introduction to Catholicism

This course will introduce students to the Catholic faith and its basic traditions and practices. Students will be encouraged to enter discussion about the Catholic faith, its relevance and impact on their lives. 2 semesters, 4 days/cycle, alpha, level 1.

Religious Studies 10: Scripture Studies

Students will study major themes and significant events found in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. Through this study students will gain knowledge and understanding of the ancient history of God’s Chosen People, the fulfillment of the covenant in the age of the Messiah, and the development of Judeo-Christian theology. 2 semesters, 4 days/cycle, alpha, level 1.

Religious Studies 11: Morality and Social Justice

In this course, students will address two critical questions: “Who Am I?” and “How Will I Live My Life?” through an exploration of conscience formation, moral virtues, prayer and a call to justice. Students will study church teaching, contemporary issues, and non-fiction texts. Learning tools will include reading, writing, discussion, creative expression, research, critical thinking, analysis, and application to real-life situations. 2 semesters, 4 days/cycle, alpha, level 1.

Religious Studies 12

All Seniors must take Death and Dying in the fall and Special Topics in Religion in the spring.

DEATH AND DYING (fall semester only). Our faith teaches that death is a transition to something greater. This course includes a study of the stages of grief and loss, the rituals that surround death (wakes and funeral services), the Church’s teachings, and ultimately, a personal search for the meaning of life. Students will have an opportunity to hear guest speakers who work with the dying and counsel those who grieve. 1 semester, 4 days/cycle, alpha, level 1.

SPECIAL TOPICS IN RELIGION (spring semester only). This one-semester capstone course will use varied sources - print, film, art - to integrate students’ knowledge, experience, and faith as they explore the core components of commitment, call, discernment, and response. 1 semester, 4 days/cycle, alpha, level 1.