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Lower School

As an independent Catholic school, we are inspired by the dedication of our founders, the Daughters of the Heart of Mary, to education and service.

Boys and girls in Nardin’s Lower School, made up of Grades K – 4, are encouraged to maximize their own individual potential by seeking out meaningful learning experiences, engage themselves both locally and globally, and become leaders in our Nardin community and beyond.

Outside of the limitation of New York State standarized tests, our educators and professional support staff have the flexibility to execute creative lessons and work collaboratively in order to provide developmentally appropriate instruction for our students. Through a well-rounded approach of skills practice, service, and project-based learning, students are challenged in a curriculum that includes English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, religion, technology, world language, dance, physical education, and the arts.

Nardin follows a modified block schedule, which allows teachers to go in-depth in a subject area using varied and interactive teaching methods that appeal to different learning styles. While direct, small group instruction occurs on a daily basis, the longer periods lend themselves to multiple applications of the same skill, better retention of material and allow our students time for reflection. A DaVinci period, set aside for project-based learning, allows students to investigate and respond to real world problems, questions, or challenges. Upon visiting, you will see students testing out their knowledge in a variety of ways throughout the school day.

Our program in the Lower School not only focuses on academics, but on our students’ social-emotional growth as well. Our full-time guidance counselor often takes part in our elementary classes promoting character education lessons such as kindness, team building, friendship, digital citizenship, and mindfulness.

Regardless of a child’s passion or interests, Nardin offers amazing things for every student. We encourage you to come in and learn more about our program. Schedule a tour, shadow day, or a meeting with some of our administrative and teaching staff. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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