Continuous Enrollment

What is Re-Enrollment?

Re-enrollment is an annual data collection process that schools use to update enrollment records of the current student body. This information is used as the school makes plans for the following school year. Basically, the simple question is: “Are you coming back to school next year?”

Why do we go through Re-Enrollment every year?

Nardin Academy leadership does a lot of planning to ensure that we are prepared to fulfill our mission to our fullest ability every year. Until Nardin families “sign on the line” that they’re coming back each year, we can’t make solid plans for staffing, programs, materials, curriculum and facility usage. We take the stewardship of tuition dollars entrusted to us every year seriously. We want to invest these tuition dollars wisely so that we can provide the best education possible for our students.

We have no plans to change schools. Can we stay at Nardin until we notify the school otherwise or graduate?

Yes. Up until this point, re-enrollment has been an “opt-in” program. Every year, we ask families, “Are you coming back?” In a sense, we have been penalizing the vast majority of families, over 90% who return, by asking them to go through the onerous re-enrollment process every year. So, every family had to go through re-enrollment for the sake of the less than 10% that, for one reason or another, left our school community.

By signing your Continuous Enrollment Agreement, you will no longer have to OPT-IN for re-enrollment, rather re-enrollment will now be an OPT-OUT process. In other words, if you are coming back to Nardin after signing your one-time Continuous Enrollment Agreement, you will never have to worry about this again.

Our family is returning to Nardin. When is the Continuous Enrollment Agreement due and do we pay a deposit?

The Continuous Enrollment Agreement and a deposit of $500 per child are due March 31st. Deposits not received by March 31st are subject to a monthly finance charge.

After this year, what will the “Re-Enrollment Season” look like?

Once all of our families are on the “Continuous Enrollment Program,” the typical re-enrollment season will simply be a communication reminder from the Admissions Office informing the families that might be thinking about leaving our school to notify us prior to the end of March. If a family has no intention of leaving Nardin, they can simply disregard the opt-out reminder as we will assume they are returning and pay their deposit of $500.

What happens if we decide to leave Nardin Academy?

You must provide written notice to the Office of Enrollment Management at explaining that your family is not returning the following school year by March 31st. If written notice is received after March 31st, your deposit will be non-refundable and you may be responsible for paying a portion or all of the tuition for the following school year in accordance with the Continuous Enrollment Agreement.

What happens if we are uncertain if we are returning to Nardin Academy by March 31st? Can we ask for an extension?

Yes. We understand this can be a difficult decision for a family to make. You must provide written notice to the Office of Enrollment Management at by March 31st to request an extension, which will give a family more time to decide if they are returning with no penalty.

So how is “Continuous Enrollment” different from what we have done in the past?

Continuous Enrollment is a once-and-for-all process. Once you sign your Continuous Enrollment Agreement, you will never have to deal with re-enrollment again. In the event that things do change for your family, you will have until the end of March every year to simply notify the Office of Enrollment Management and face absolutely no penalty.

When will this take place?

Continuous Enrollment will start in early March 2019 and the Agreement is due by March 31, 2019, unless you have asked for an extension or have notified us that you will not be returning. We look forward to serving our families with making the re-enrollment process easy and convenient.

How does my family benefit from Continuous Enrollment?

We have created a simple and efficient process for our families that saves time and paperwork. Also, with increasing enrollment, we are either at or near waitlists for some of our grades, so placement in next year’s class is guaranteed. By opting into continuous enrollment, you’ll have a seat for your child until graduation.

This sounds great. How do we sign up?

The Admissions Office will send you a personalized email with easy step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. After you have read your Continuous Enrollment Agreement, it will only take a few minutes to complete. The Agreement, along with your deposit of $500, is due by March 31st.