Mission & Values

Founded in 1857 by the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary (DHM), Nardin Academy is a private, independent, Catholic academy with three unique schools: a co-ed Montessori, a co-ed elementary, and a college preparatory school for young women.

Across the academy, we strive to fulfill both our mission and the three pillars of our strategic plan: maximize student potential, engage students with the world, and enrich Nardin community life.

Mission Statement:

Inspiring hearts and minds to do amazing things for the world through faith, character, academic excellence, and service.

What We Value


At Nardin, we are dedicated to the careful cultivation of compassion, kindness, and integrity. Our students are able to reflect upon their character and are inspired to make a difference in the world through Nardin's commitment to volunteerism and global citizenship.


Fellowship and the formation of unbreakable bonds characterizes the Nardin experience. Our students consistently work together to solve problems, to cross the finish line, to overcome obstacles, and to praise one another's accomplishments in the classroom, on the field, and beyond.


We encourage students to respectfully and responsibly speak their minds, ask questions, and engage in valuable debate. The connections made at Nardin last long after graduation, and we enrich Nardin community life by strengthening alumni engagement.


At Nardin, our talented faculty embrace the individuality of each child and encourage participation in a broad range of academic, artistic, athletic, and extracurricular activities. Students foster their passions and explore individual imaginations throughout their educational journey.

Critical Thinking

We cultivate self-guided thinking and confidence as we foster every child's natural thirst for knowledge. Our students have complex global perspectives, and are held to the highest standards in preparation for seamless transitions to elementary school, high school, and college.


As the Daughters of the Heart of Mary live in the midst of the world in order to respond to the needs of God's people, Nardin students, who represent 17 faiths across our community, are called upon to build a world in which the primary values are equality and justice and to work for an earth that is protected and restored.

A Nardin Academy Graduate...

  • is a creative, curious and critical learner
  • leads with confidence, strength and integrity
  • grows through faith and spirituality
  • champions equity and justice
  • serves others with humility and compassion