Dining Hall Payment

To make the dining hall as pleasant and efficient as possible, Nardin Academy has set up a secure online payment system. To purchase food, a student must have an account with Lunchtime.

To set up your account, click to visit the Lunchtime School Payment Portal.

For a PDF containing detailed instructions, download the Nardin Academy Parent Lunchtime School Payment Portal guidelines here.

School Lunch Policy

Each Nardin student is assigned and set up with an individual account within the school’s IT system based on their name and ID number. Both cash and payment portal funds are able to be used to make purchases. The "LunchTime" online account management system is used for purchases in the dining hall. Funds designated for the dining hall may be added to accounts in a variety of ways; online through the “LunchTime” site or at school with cash or checks payable to Nardin and deposited directly with team members in the dining hall or through the business office. The Nardin website offers a link to the “LunchTime” portal that is accessed by selecting Dining at Nardin from the drop down menu under Student Life on the main page. Select the dark green Purchasing Food in the Dining Hall button on the right hand side of the page and a link to the LunchTime School Payment Portal will open the site where a student’s account may be funded and managed including email notifications for low and/or negative balances.

The importance of feeding students to sustain them and help them through their day is a priority in the dining hall. Nardin’s lunch policy towards students who do not have a lunch or lunch money or who have negative balances on their accounts offers students a choice of a meal from the scratch cooked hot lunch of the day selection or a meal from the salad and sandwich bar. Those lunches are then reflected as charges to student accounts and repayment is expected. Notification of exhausted or negative funds is made via regular email notifications and phone calls to home from dining hall team members. There is a two week grace period for repayment. If an account is negative more than $20, students will only be offered a bowl of the scratch cooked soup or stew of the day.

Dining Hall Menu Pricing  
Complete Entree (including beverage) $4.85
Ala Carte Entree Main Item $3.75
Ala Carte Entree Side Item $1.75
Soup $2.50
Sandwich $3.00
Salad and Deli Bar $4.50
French Fries $1.50
Fresh Fruit (piece) $1.00
Fresh Fruit (Bowl) $1.50
Chips $1.00
Dessert Items $0.75
Milk (Small) $0.50
Milk (Large) $0.75
Other Beverage $0.75
Breakfast Entree $2.00
Slice of bacon $.50
Toast Bar (includes toast and toppings) $1.50
Homemade Granola with Milk $2.00
Yogurt (plain) $1.25
Yogurt with topping $2.00
Smoothie (small) $1.75
Smoothie (large) $2.75