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Volleyball - 6-8 Boys

Boys Volleyball is a Spring Sport, and its season lasts from early March to mid-May. Boys Volleyball is available to students in grades 6th through 8th. The seasons typically consist of 12 - 14 matches that could take place on any day of the week or weekend. Most of the matches might include "double headers" against another school. Generally, half of the matches will be at home and half will be on the road, depending upon gym availability.

There is a cutoff date for sign ups, it is two weeks after the opening date on FamilyID. The athletic department needs to know how many players are interested, so we can identify coaches, and have enough uniforms ready for all players and register with the different leagues. If you sign your child up after the cutoff date they will only be added to a team if there is room.

Valid Sports Medical Physical Form must also be on file with the School Nurse. If you do not have a valid Sports Physical Form call your child’s doctor. If your child’s medical form at the school is NOT valid you will be notified. The Medical Sports Physical Form is good for 1 year. If it is valid the first day of that sport’s practice it will be considered valid for that sport’s season.

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