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For 160 years, our graduates have built upon the remarkable sense of community that is as fundamental to the Nardin experience today as it has been since the Academy’s founding.

Nardin alumni serve as valuable mentors to each other, as well as to current students, who learn what it means to be part of a legacy built by confident, successful men and women.

Alumni Chapters

The mission of our Alumni Chapters is to create a sense of Nardin community through networking and visiting with fellow alums, to encourage service in the communities in which our alums live, and to support the Alma Mater through fundraising efforts.


Lauren Lewis '02:


Cathy Taylor '88:
Morgan Webber '11:


Claudia DiJoseph ‘68:

New England

Nicole Davis ’96:
Stephanie Viola Swanson ’04:
Madeline Koessler Struebing '05:

New York City

Candace Davies ’96:

North Carolina

Mollie Riester Young ‘07:


Whitney Rog '05:

Washington, D.C.

Robyn Dorsey Willis ’94:
Leigh Giangreco ’09:


Reunion Coordinators

In the year leading up to each reunion, we connect with celebrating high school alumnae with the help of reunion coordinators, who serve as ambassadors in a meaningful and rewarding way.

We want YOU as a reunion coordinator if your graduating year ends in a “5” or a “0” and:

  1. You are connected and wish to continue to help your classmates stay in touch
  2. You are willing to fact check alumni addresses and contact info
  3. You will ask your classmates to “Save the Date” for reunion
  4. You will encourage participation, at any level, in making class gifts in honor of reunion- this is a gift to The Nardin Fund, or in the case of the 50th celebrating classes, a gift to the endowed scholarship


The third pillar of the Nardin Academy strategic plan is to create a dynamic Nardin Community.

A strong sense of community among students, faculty, staff, our families, and our alumni adds tremendous value through unity to the Nardin Experience and promotes lifelong engagement.

The National Alumni Advisory Board (NAAB) is an initiative that supports this pillar, and membership is at the invitation of the President of Nardin Academy.

The NAAB will meet personally with Nardin’s leadership team twice annually, learn about the Academy’s strategic plan, and immerse themselves in the student experience. Calling upon their own experience at Nardin and their professional expertise, this board will advise school leaders on admissions, curriculum, marketing and public relations, and philanthropy.

Nardin’s National Alumni Advisory Board will serve as ambassadors and advocates of the Academy, to their peers and in their communities, and to increase support through active participation in the life of the Academy.

2016-2018 Members

Jennifer Collesano Adams ’90
Kathy Lawley Best ’79
Candace Davies ’96
Fidelma Fitzpatrick ‘87
Lorna Fitzpatrick ’86
Kelly Sullivan Gibson ’00
Sue Cody Leous ’77
Holly Mergenhagen ’05
Sarah Dodman Miller ’89
Lisa Dodman Treanor ’85

2017-2019 Members

Alison Kulach Melton '95
Nora Eberl Plizga '88
Alice Posluszny Russ '52
Kelly Whistler Wischerath '89

2018-2020 Members

Lauren Chmielowiec ‘99
Bethany Lema ‘01
Christine McCann ‘87
Jeanna Cellino-Pignataro ‘04

2019-2021 Members

Lyn Campagna Calkins ‘85
Madeline Chiampou Tully ‘98
Elizabeth Kabacinski Chiappetta ‘00
Sara Gaughan Connolly ‘94
Tracey Gamble ‘95
Ann Kresse Gegelys ‘85
Laura Gang Gill ‘94
Kate Bohen Maldonado ‘99
Shannon McCarthy ’88, E’84
Robyn Dorsey Willis ‘94

My time at Nardin was special and has become even more meaningful since having left the campus. I love seeing what other women are doing and offering a venue to keep us all connected.

Nicole Davis ‘96