Hack-a-thon 2021

Our fourth annual Hack-a-thon will bring together over 50 Nardin students, project managers, software engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and many more for a twelve-hour invention marathon on Friday, October 29, 2021.  Teams of 2-4 students will work around the clock to build an innovative solution to real-world problems. Their final projects will then be presented to a panel of judges who will then award a top team.

What is Hack-a-thon?

Not to be confused with illegal and unauthorized programming, “hacking” in this context means quickly and intelligently creating a real application that others can use. A hack-a-thon is an invention marathon. Anyone who has an interest in technology and is eager to learn can participate in a hack-a-thon. Expert mentors from many different professional backgrounds assist groups with seeing their vision to completion.

This year's Hack-a-thon strives to drive social impact through technology. Our goal is to organize an event and partner with a local organization that will kickstart community-focused projects. As societal issues evolve, we need to create new ways and methods for solving real-world problems. Technology can be a powerful tool for bridging the gap. By combining talent and skills in a fun, competitive environment, we can move towards building working, sustainable solutions.


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