I am challenged to really think for myself and use my imagination through programs such as art class, and writing in ELA. I am also encouraged daily to be creative with a number of in-class projects.
- Katie ‘20

Why Nardin Middle School?

Founded in 1857, Nardin Academy is the oldest independent, Catholic school in Buffalo. Known for academic excellence, Nardin Academy maximizes student potential with dynamic classrooms that appeal to different learning styles and go beyond the regular curriculum.

At Nardin Middle, teachers have the flexibility to execute creative lessons and present material in ways students find interesting, engaging and fun. Students in our Middle School experience an enhanced schedule featuring extended periods that cascade and alternate to appeal to different learning styles. 

Unique programming that includes time set aside for our annual Musical and DaVinci Clubs is a favorite. It allows students to investigate and challenge themselves in a creative way, and explore new interests at the same time. 

We support the social and emotional development of each student through Character Education and our dedicated School Counselor. Supporting academic needs is in our wheelhouse as well with a dedicated Support Services Team.

Visual and Performing Arts classes and extracurriculars provide opportunities for students to develop and showcase their artistic talents through various projects and performances. 

We have many competitive sports programs in the Middle School, including swimming, soccer, basketball, squash, track and field, and more. Our athletic facilities include an indoor turf field and squash courts, three gymnasiums, a wellness center, and two synthetic turf outdoor fields. 

Students experience the best our WNY community has to offer through Ski and Adventure Clubs. Our Ski Club hits the slopes at Holiday Valley weekly during the winter months and at the same time, Adventure Club goes on multiple field trips to encounter rich cultural experiences and fun exciting activities. 

There is an opportunity for each and every student to explore and develop their gifts and talents at Nardin Middle School. Contact us anytime to hear more about us, take a tour, and ask any questions you might have.

Fast Facts

  • Teachers - Each middle school teacher teaches the students for two years, so there is a great level of familiarity and community.

  • Performing Arts - The school Musical and Performing Arts Night are always a huge success, fostering connections within Nardin and in the community.
  • Adventure/Ski Club - On Fridays in January and February, middle schoolers venture out to the slopes or to local cultural and fun experiences.
  • Christmas Spirit Week - Our annual fundraiser to buy Christmas presents for students at Baker Academy is a longstanding tradition in the Middle School.

I have never experienced an environment like Nardin before. There is no hierarchy within the students and people accept each other for who they are.” - Evan ‘19 (Canisius High School)

Academic Excellence isn't something that is very easy to gain, and it is more than just getting good grades. Academic excellence is achieved through hard work that improves the development of skills in class and creative ways to think.
- Sana ‘19 (Nardin Academy High School)
All teachers encourage students to think creatively. They teach us to use innovative thinking to accomplish things that allow us to think creatively to produce something new and unique, and learn something valuable.
- Siena ‘22
My Nardin teachers supported all students and believed that we could achieve many great things both in and out of the classroom.
- Dylan ‘19 (Canisius High School)