English 9 Honors

English 9 Honors Selections:

Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton
Publisher: Scribner
ISBN: 978-0743262170

In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez
Publisher: Algonquin
ISBN: 978-1-565-12976-4

Reading Task:

  1. Read and annotate each text.  As you read, note examples of injustice and bravery, subjects of both novels.  Consider the different types of injustice depicted as well as the different types of bravery--emotional, physical, moral--required of the characters.

  2. Record and define unfamiliar words.  Please purchase a vocabulary notebook.  I recommend a simple composition notebook. This will be your vocabulary notebook for the year. As you complete your summer reading, including the all school read, record any unfamiliar words in your notebook.  When you have a moment, define each word on your list. We will compile a class list in September.

  3. Write a 1 page response.  Choose one of the books you read and discuss whether you enjoyed or did not enjoy the book and why.  Use specific references to the plot to support your assertions. This assignment is due the first full day of classes. If possible, please type and double space your response.


EvIdence of Learning Task:

  1. During the first few weeks of school, we’ll review your vocabulary lists and have our first vocabulary test.

  2. During the first few days of school, you will be tested on your understanding of the plot elements of the novels.


What to Bring to Class Day 1?:

  1. Your annotated novels

  2. Your vocabulary notebook

  3. Your 1 page  response


Where Do I Purchase/Order the Summer Reading Novels?:

  1. Barnes and Noble or other local bookstores

  2. Amazon.com or other sites