Every day, our students engage in Nardin EXploratory Time (nEXt), our signature “X-block”. This time allows for eXploration, eXperiential learning, and making eXtraordinary connections with fellow classmates, faculty and local experts that challenge our girls to imagine what is possible...what is nEXt! A variety of opportunities are provided that not only align with our mission to inspire our students to do amazing things for the world, but ignite their inherent curiosity and develop their imagination in new ways.

Take a peek at some of the options below! This is not a complete or permanent list. Some of these options will remain consistent, but we also hope to provide new opportunities regularly as they are brought forth from our students, faculty members and community.

    • Students may have chosen to schedule a music class during this time based on interest.
    • Students may attend sessions during our Gator Speaker Series (alums, local field experts, etc. come to speak on a variety of timely topics including social media, diversity, social justice, emotional intelligence, etc.)
    • Students may be working on an internship.
    • Students may take part in Open Studio Art time.
    • Students may take part in mini-courses/enrichment opportunities such as; Explore Mandarin, APX (AP extra help), Italian mini-course for those traveling abroad during WinterMission in January.
    • Students may take part in service learning opportunities led by Campus Ministry.
    • Students may make appointments with their Guidance Counselor for College App help or make up or complete an Extended Time test.
    • Students may work with a faculty member in the Innovation/Media Lab/Maker Space to develop ideas of personal interest or work on a project for class (create a commercial, a trailer, or conduct an interview!)
    • Student may develop their own research question (with the assistance of a faculty mentor), learn the basics of conducting research as well as the process of submitting an article for publication.
    • Students may opt into any of the following clubs scheduled during this time:
          • TARC, Model UN, School Store/Business Club, Student Publications, Book Club, Student Council or TedEd.
    • And, of course, if you just need some extra time to get some work done or unplug, you may go to our Quiet Study or Meditation/Mindfulness area.