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Computer Science

Computer Science Classroom

From the arts and entertainment, to agriculture, healthcare, or finance, Computer Science is driving innovation across all fields.  Computer Science education provides for an opportunity to focus on deeper learning and problem solving that will equip students with essential knowledge and skills to prepare them for 21st century careers.  Computer Science education at Nardin prepares students to pursue a wide array of intellectual and career opportunities that computing has made possible. 

Technology is transforming how we learn. It is imperative that young women leave Nardin Academy technologically literate as well as academically prepared; at Nardin Academy High School, the instructional technology staff and our philosophy ensures this.

An atmosphere is created in the school where technology is accessible and appropriate; it is an ends to a means, rather than the means itself. With the power of both Windows and Mac based labs, in-classroom computers, laptops and digital media, our students become fluent in using the available tools. This aids their learning and communication with the world at large - enhancing research and productivity as well as fostering a focus on reasoning and problem-solving. One course required for graduation.