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Nardin Wins Best Overall Delegation at Model UN Conference
Nardin Wins Best Overall Delegation at Model UN Conference

At the Model United Nations conference for high school students hosted by St. Bonaventure University March 24-25, Nardin Academy High School won best overall delegation for the 2nd year in a row.

The 28 delegates displayed incredible teamwork, competing against twelve other Western New York schools. Nardin seniors Jamie Tell, Valerie Xu, Isabella Jankowski, and Shamso Osman won superior awards, while Nardin took home eight individual committee awards.

Each year this conference helps high school students understand important skills such as collaboration, negotiation, and compromise. Students form complex global perspectives, practice public speaking, and work together as a team.

Teams and awards include:

Superior Awards:

Valerie Xu and Shamso Osman - UN Security Council (China)
Jamie Tell and Isabella Jankowski - Organization of the American States (USA)

Excellence Awards:

Maria Santos-Irizarry and Rachel Travers - Environment Programme (Egypt)
Emma Karam and Clare Cryan - Environment Programme (Iraq)
Lily LaMattina and Izzy Redding - Organization of the American States (Brazil)
Simran Gill and Sarah Crawford - High Commission on Refugees (Canada)
Arushi Renschler-Pandey and Phuong Ngo - High Commission on Refugees (Germany)
Julia Brace and Anne Bailey - World Health Organization (China)

Congratulations to all who participated in this exciting experience!