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John Lehrer Dance Company Visits Nardin
John Lehrer Dance Company Visits Nardin

On October 30, 2017, Jon Lehrer and dancers performed in the Nardin Elementary Gym.

Lehrer Dance, which has established a performance relationship with Nardin for the last 5 years, is a locally-based dance company of eight dancers from Buffalo, Ohio, Florida, California and Utah.

The dance pieces selected for the school performance this year contained a variety of styles of dance including jazz, lyrical and a humorous modern piece, a perfect choice for the audience. Each of the styles of choreography identified with a theme of the dance. This was noted by the students themselves. When students were asked about their favorite style, they responded without hesitation, "I liked the bird dance (named "Murmur"), you could see the dancers look like Birds taking flight". Another student responded, "The funny piece. When the dancers were on the floor with their legs up and when the man lifted the lady she looked like she was sitting in the air."

Not only did the choreography demonstrate the theme and diversity of styles, it included what Lehrer Dance is so famous for, athleticism, something many students can identify with. A display of strength, endurance and physical demand was apparent. As I gazed at the audience, boys, girls, and teachers were mesmerized by their fluidity, strength and grace. Lehrer Dance took the visit as a chance to create personal connections with the students. The dancers sat at the lunch tables with the students enjoying a good meal together. After one of the previous performances, Ms. Hanna asked Jon and his dancers if they would stay for lunch. Without any hesitation the dancers wanted to know if they were invited to stay for lunch again!

We are thrilled to have our partnership with Lehrer Dance. Highlights of previous years include in-school shows and a day in a life of rehearsal. Last year, Lehrer Dance performed a duet during Performing Arts Night! Lehrer Dance is headed out for a nine week tour of Europe. We are humbled that Nardin is one of their favorite stops. We look forward to future the collaborations.

Ms. Cindy Hanna