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Call for Proposals: Austen-tatious Teachers and Community Conference
Call for Proposals: Austen-tatious Teachers and Community Conference

To commemorate the 200th year since Jane Austen's passing, Nardin Academy High School is hosting a year-long celebration of her life and work. Two hundred years later, Jane Austen's indelible voice continues to reign and sing through the pages of literature and letters, as well as in the hearts of her readers.

The March 15th conference, hosted by the English Department as a teaching and community complement to our Student Austen-tatious Day, will focus on "Voice." In addition, the conference will also host discussion on Jane Austen's contributions, her global reach, her timeless, enduring relevance, as well as the focus on the"Hero's Journey."

Our keynote for the conference will be Erin Blakemore, author of The Heroine's Bookshelf: Life Lessons from Jane Austen to Laura Ingalls Wilder. Our featured guest presenter will be Dr. Timothy Redmond of Williamsville East High School, the Summer Institute of Human Rights and Genocide Studies, and the New Generation Initiative. He is also a Robert Jackson Center Fellow. Dr. Redmond will present on slavery, abolition, and activism during the time of Jane Austen.

To honor Jane Austen's own voice in various arenas and realms, as well as inspire, cultivate, and nurture the voices of our students, we invite presentation proposals that share your own teaching, research, or community experience. Please consider a presentation on one of the following topics, but we encourage and are very interested in other ideas.

  • Jane Austen's life
  • Jane Austen's contemporaries
  • Influences on Jane Austen
  • Jane Austen's global influence
  • Writing during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
  • Letters in Jane Austen (and her own correspondence)
  • Social turmoil and context of the time
  • Methods of teaching "Voice"
  • Methods of teaching the "Hero's / Heroine's Journey"
  • and more!

Please submit an abstract of your proposed presentation of no more than 300 words by December 16, 2017. We look forward to hearing from you! Please submit proposals to Miss Emma V. Eddy via e-mail (