The Pinball Wizard Challenge

Throughout the Fall, our Middle School Fifth and Sixth graders were seen in our Makerspace creating digital blueprints on their Chromebooks, measuring out cardboard pieces and constructing levers using brass fasteners. It’s all part of the Pinball Wizard Challenge that tasks them to design and create their own pinball machine.

Under the direction of Nardin Academy Integration Specialist Rebecca Braungart '01, the students worked through issues like weight distribution, force and motion, gears and inclined plains. The work required them to use their research and collaboration skills to come together as teams and create the pinball machines.

“This activity brings to life the basics of physics and engineering, which makes it a great example of a STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – project,” said Braungart. “Plus, it has been really fun for the students and for me too,” she added.

The pinball machines will be on display at STEM night Thursday, November 21. Students and families are encouraged to stop by Makerspace and grab a marble. You can test your pinball skills too.