Samantha Cothran '07 Spirit of Nardin Award Recipient Announced

True to Nardin's value to "ignite possibilities," the Samantha Cothran '07 Spirit of Nardin Award is given to a junior who explores intellectual curiosity and exemplifies excellence in the classroom. Established in memory of Samantha Cothran '07, This year Nardin bestowed this award to Karina Gill '24. As mentioned in today's mass by Mrs. Robertson, principal of Nardin's Upper School:

"Karina is an all around incredible student who has  on many occasions demonstrated how she is willing to put in the time and effort beyond the classroom to enhance the experience for all students at Nardin. Especially those who are marginalized.   

Accelerated in math, science, and French, there is no challenge that Karina has postponed, and she is known for her active participation, resilience, perseverance, and creativity in the classroom. Karina's main area of interest is science. She carried two science classes as a freshman, an AP science course known as Nardin's most challenging course as a sophomore, and this year has two sciences on her schedule again.  

Kind, compassionate,  energetic and passionate about social justice, Karina possesses a unique engagement dedicated to the betterment and advancement of Nardin and its community by promoting education and important dialogue."

Congratulations to Karina, who received this esteem award for exhibiting characteristics attributed to Samantha's life. 

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