President's Desk - February 2023

President's Desk - February 2023

February is Black History Month, and in keeping with our founders, The Daughters of the Heart of Mary and our Catholic Faith, we will continue to lean into our Nardin Values, including our mission of embracing all.

Central to Nardin’s Diversity, Equity, and Opportunity (DEO) commitment is the work of Karen R. Brown, who assumed the role of the Academy’s Director of Diversity, Equity, and Opportunity in the Fall of 2022. With significant professional and community experience, Brown brings her expertise in helping to advance diverse and equitable practices within organizations to her work at Nardin. 

Karen's role as the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Opportunity is to oversee the integrated, collaborative implementation of valuing diversity, respecting individual differences, understanding biases, creating common language, while shaping culturally responsive habits of mind for all Nardin stakeholders. Karen will work with Nardin team members ensuring Academy-wide engagement to ensure equity in curricula, support admission efforts, continue equity and inclusion training for all faculty, staff, and students, advise on cultural competencies in hiring, as well as advise administration and faculty on policy issues of discrimination, discipline and restorative justice.  

In developing her strategy and programming, Brown turns to the mission and values of Nardin, rooted in “inspiring students to reach their true potential to do amazing things in the world.” Throughout Black History Month, and throughout the year, the DEO office will continue to focus on Nardin’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and a sense of belongingness for all members of the Nardin community.

Be well & God bless,
Dr. Sandra Betters