President's Desk - March 2023

President's Desk - March 2023

In keeping with Narin’s goal, which was created by a chorus of voices throughout our accreditation process, the Academy is moving forward on our timeline regarding student-family-school communication improvements. At the center of this goal, is Nardin’s efforts to streamline the multiple information systems used both internally and externally to one fully integrated system, Blackbaud. It is our hope that as a community we continually look for opportunities to enrich our community by preparing our students for lifelong learning and success as we are committed to delivering on our mission and values by connecting students, families, teachers, and staff to drive achievement, accountability, and efficiency.

We are most excited to share that Nardin Academy is implementing this institution-wide information system that will provide students and their families a single resource to access everything related to their Nardin Experience. Blackbaud’s software will connect our students, families, teachers, and staff to drive achievement, accountability, and efficiency.

This system allows Nardin to create a unified experience for both students and families and enables us to:

  • Elevate the overall education experience with dynamic learning resources, interactive assignments, and effective communication tools.
  • Enhance the family experience with a customizable portal so the news and updates most relevant to them are front and center.
  • Integrate the family experience by having payment options and financial aid in one central system providing payment options for families to include families use to check grades, schedules, and assignments.
  • Elevate our current website, which will include robust academic tools, and a streamlined enrollment and re-enrollment processes.

By putting in place comprehensive, advanced structures, Nardin Academy will be able to provide all community members with improved experiences, especially as it relates to communication. As always, as Nardin transitions and evolves, we will remain rooted in the vision of our founders as we remain committed to education excellence while focusing on future opportunities.

Be well & God bless,
Dr. Sandra Betters