Nardin Alum Gives Back to Front Line Workers on Mother's Day

This year, Nardin alum Julia Cornwell ’17 celebrated Mother’s Day in a special way by giving back to some of Western New York’s front line workers.

A few weeks ago, Julia started a fundraiser through GoFundMe with her friend and Canisius High School graduate Gregory Prentiss ‘17. Their hope was to raise enough money to provide meals for health care professionals working on Mother’s Day at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

“Being able to give back to the people who our risking everything to keep us safe, especially now, is truly something I wanted to do,” Julia said. “We received such overwhelming support for this project and were able to deliver 475 meals from D’Avolio to St. Joseph’s Hospital to all of the front line workers,” she added.

Located in Cheektowaga, Catholic Health’s Sisters of Charity Hospital, St. Joseph’s Campus has been converted to only treat COVID-19-positive patients. Through their project, Julia and Gregory wanted to acknowledge the front line workers at St. Joseph’s who are working so hard to help patients battling this virus and help the many tireless restaurant workers.

“We wanted to be able to give back to our community in a great way. We wanted to support a local business and a local hospital at the same time,” Julia said.

Through Julia and Gregory's commendable effort, many of our front line workers had a Mother’s Day to remember too.