Montessori Art Exhibit

Montessori Art Exhibit

The first experiences a child has with traditional art materials are not casual events. Instead, the introduction of materials stimulates exploration and is an indication of a capacity for widening experiences much like the first step or the first word.  The delight and commitment of the young artist is intense and beautiful to witness. We watch as our toddlers broaden their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Here at Nardin Montessori we strive to support our students’ innate creativity. The teachers create opportunities for invention, experimentation and expression. Materials are organized in an inviting manner and the toddlers know to go to the “art table” if they choose this type of work. The materials speak for themselves, there is no forma; assignment.e.: “We will all make trees today.” Rather, the children are gently guided to better understand what the materials are capable of - attaching, sticking, making marks, adding color, requiring water… 

The art exhibit features a range of styles. Some toddlers need to fill the entire page while others are satisfied after gluing down one scrap of paper. Some children do both in the same morning. Developmentally there is no “normal” although some toddlers begin to experiment with representational work. Please bear in mind that all of the work has meaning to the young artist whether or not the viewer can identify the subject. The safest way to discuss a child’s art work is to simply ask, “please tell me about your work”. Too many times we have seen deflated little faces as they struggle to comprehend why their mother has just exclaimed, “what a beautiful blue cat!!” When in the child’s mind it is something else entirely.

Check out more photos of our exhibit on the Nardin Academy Facebook page. 

Jessie Styers
Educator at Nardin Montessori