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House Tudor Leads the Race for Nardin Cup

The race for the Nardin Cup is on!

Just more than a month into the school year, House Tudor sits on top, but the standings between our nine houses are close. The standings are:

1st place: House Tudor with 42 points

2nd place: House Lancaster with 31 points

3rd place: House West Ferry with 30 points

4th place: House Melbourne with 27 points

5th place: House Elmwood with 25 points

Tied for 6th place: House Auburn, Cleveland, Delaware & Richmond with 23 points

Throughout the school year, houses face off in a variety of school-wide competitions. So far, houses earned points by participating in the annual lip sync contest, which House Lancaster won, and an intense game of musical chairs. Individual students can also accumulate points for their houses by attending athletic events and artistic performances and demonstrating acts of kindness and strong character.

The Nardin administration created the relatively new house system last year to increase engagement across all grade levels and foster school spirit and unity. Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, a house committee met to design the system and established nine houses, each named after a campus neighborhood street. Every high school student is a member of a house for her four years at Nardin.

Last year, House Delaware walked away victorious as the winner of the Nardin Cup. But, although House Tudor has an impressive 11 point lead, this year’s Cup is still for any house to win.