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Girl Power and Girls on the Run

Cheered on by friends and family members, Nardin Elementary students participating in Girls on the Run this Fall completed their first 5K practice run on Thursday.

“It is so inspiring to me to see how the girls have learned and grown throughout the three years I have volunteered for the Girls on the Run program here at Nardin,” said Amy Carnevale ’95, Nardin Parent of Alessia and Elizabeth. “This program makes such a positive impact on how the girls see themselves and treat each other,” she added.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Amy and parent volunteers Danielle Chebat (daughter Gabby) and Kathleen Engelhardt (daughter Hannah) can be heard encouraging Third, Fourth and Fifth grade girls running around Nardin’s main campus. Megan Manzo, the Elementary track coach, also gives her time.

The program lasts for ten weeks and includes a curriculum of lessons and games that focus on confidence, care, character, connection and competence. This year, 25 girls are participating at Nardin.

The program concludes with a 5K race for all the area schools offering Girls on the Run. Good luck to our girls as they get ready to race on November 9th at Delaware Park!