Distance Learning at Nardin

The emergence of COVID-19 in the United States forced Nardin Academy staff to work from home and faculty members to initiate distance learning in mid-March.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our exceptional teachers and technology department, Nardin transitioned to distance learning all while upholding our standards of excellence and continuing the operations of the school. 

“We asked ourselves how we could ensure that Nardin could continue to do what we would’ve been doing if this crisis hadn’t occurred,” said Becky Klauk Braungart ’01, integration specialist.


Nardin’s IT department built a specialized distance learning website for Montessori kindergarten and toddler families in an effort to stay connected, strengthen community, and share work. The site offers parents a how-to and help page, and teachers have created multiple instructional videos to share.

Montessori Elementary teachers have been using Zoom to connect daily with their students in whole group, small group, and one-on-one meetings to continue the Montessori learning philosophy, despite the circumstances.

Lower & Middle Schools

Nardin’s lower and middle school students have been using Flipgrid, an app that empowers students to share their ideas, stories, and work. It allows them to learn through social interaction.

Mrs. Georger’s fourth graders utilized this tool in their “I Love New York Museum” project. They recorded their project presentations and shared them with their classmates who provided feedback just as they would if they had been together in school.

Ms. Klass’s sixth graders also chose Flipgrid to assist in their end-of-the-year projects on plate tectonics. Students were tasked with researching a famous volcano of their choice and building a replica of it.

Ms. Klass surprised the class by dropping off a project supply bag at every student’s house. Inside, they found their project directions and materials to erupt a volcano.

At the end of the project, students recorded their eruption with the given supplies. With the help of Mrs. Braungart, they uploaded their video to their Google Slides presentation. This project allowed the students to be creative while having fun.

High School

Students in the high school did not miss a beat during the shift to distance learning. Classes met at their usual times in Zoom meetings, and the IT team offered teachers and students regular support and assistance, all while researching tools for our girls to continue their learning.