Celebrating Black History Month with the Black Student Union

Celebrating Black History Month with the Black Student Union

Black History Month is a time when we celebrate and honor the contributions of Black individuals to our society. As an important part of American history, it is essential that we take time to learn about and acknowledge the struggles, achievements, and contributions of Black people. Black History Month assemblies provide a unique opportunity for individuals to come together and celebrate this important cultural event.

For me, attending a Black History Month assembly was always a moving and inspiring experience. Learning about the incredible accomplishments of Black leaders, activists, and artists, and hearing their stories of overcoming obstacles and achieving success against all odds was a truly humbling experience. These assemblies are also an opportunity to reflect on the ongoing struggles of the Black community and the work that still needs to be done to achieve equality, justice and Inclusion. Overall, attending Black History Month assemblies helped me to gain a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the Black community and their contributions to American history and culture.

For many individuals, attending a Black History Month assembly can be a powerful and moving experience. The performances, speeches, and presentations at these assemblies often leave a lasting impact on attendees, inspiring them to take action and make a difference in their own communities. For those who attend these assemblies, the love and appreciation for Black history and culture can grow stronger each year, making Black History Month an important and meaningful event.

Tegsti Kulutum '23
Black Student Union President

This year for the Black History Month assembly we choose to take a different route in our approach to the celebration. I presented the theme of Jubilee. It was time to display that although black people have and are suffering many obstacles, our culture is one of joyous celebrations that must be shared with the Nardin community. The Black Student Union is all about embracing others and creating a safe space for black students. This assembly means a tremendous amount to the members because it expands our reach to the student body and the response is always rewarding.

Heaven Bisrat
Black Student Union Vice-President