Canisius Students Mentor Nardin Boys in Robotics

Every Tuesday after school, a group of Nardin Middle School boys walk with teachers Kelli Ackerman and Emily Rutowski to Canisius High School to participate in a new Robotics club. The club partners Nardin Fifth through Eighth grade boys with Canisius students to work together and build robots.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for our boys to engage in a collaborative Robotics program with our neighbors at Canisius,” said Chris Pitek, Principal of Nardin Middle School. “The high school students troubleshoot and provide mentorship to our boys as they build their robots and expand their creative and critical thinking skills,” he added.  

Throughout the ten-week program, the boys construct and code robots using VEX IQ, a robot-building kit that incorporates S.T.E.M. learning skills. The Canisius students along with Nardin teachers advise and mentor the Middle School students as they work to develop remote-controlled robots.

November 22 will be an exciting day as the students compete in the VEX IQ Challenge at Canisius High School, putting their robots and engineering skills to the test against other area clubs.