Bringing the Nardin Community Together Through Virtual Campus Ministry

Since Nardin Academy moved to distance learning on March 13th, Campus Minister Thomas Whalen has continued to provide spiritual services and guidance for our students, faculty, staff, families and friends of the extended Nardin community.

On Good Friday, the most solemn day of the Roman Catholic calendar, many Catholics around the world attended Liturgical Services virtually through YouTube and livestreams. At Nardin, Whalen led a prayer service on Zoom for students, families, faculty and staff to come together and reflect.

The prayer service was part of a Triduum, a three-day prayer service organized by Whalen that started on Holy Thursday and leads up to Easter Sunday. Each prayer service opens with a scripture reading followed by a group discussion. Whalen thinks periods of reflection like this can be especially helpful during these challenging times.

"Now, more than ever, I think it is important to try to set aside some time to reflect," he said, "Reflection enables us to recognize what we are going through, better understand them and gain strength."

In addition to the Triduum for Holy Week, Whalen hosts a live prayer service on Wednesdays and uploads his weekly "Friday Reflections," a video where he speaks about scripture and provides some helpful lessons as we live through this health crisis. In the past few weeks, he also worked with High School Religion teacher Renee Boltri to create videos of readings and artwork by the Juniors who portrayed different Stations of the Cross.

"I want to keep sharing prayers and reflections and providing opportunities for all members of our community to gather and gain strength. And, most importantly, I want to do it in a communal way because, we are all in isolation and through community, we can find consolation," he said.

Whalen plans to provide virtual Campus Ministry while distance learning at Nardin continues and all are welcome.

Watch the Stations of the Cross: