Construction contact

Gregory Altman, VP of Finance and Operations

716-881-6262 x1140

We are moving along!
Greg Altman

We are happy to report he facilities expansion at 135 Cleveland Avenue is proceeding on schedule.  The steel structure is up and concrete is being poured.  The new fence on the west side is installed and the parking lot on the same side of the building is open and in use by faculty, staff and visitors.  The contractors are working to get the structure closed in prior to any winter weather.  Over the Christmas holiday break, we anticipate the initial break through into the existing building so fire systems and other electrical connections can be made between the school building and the new addition.  The progress is exciting as the building is starting to take form.  Several classes have been outside and taking advantage of the construction process as a learning tool in their classrooms.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Greg Altman at and check out the progress on the Nardin website where you can view a live feed view of the construction as it is taking place.