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While we would love to see the girls on campus and in person, we are excited about all of the fun and interactive virtual workshops your daughter can participate in. Please see our offerings below and learn how your daughter can still "Experience Nardin." 

Students will also participate in two service projects to benefit local organizations.

Each camper will be provided with a goodie bag filled with their camp materials through a socially distant pick up to get the girls excited and ready to begin.

July 6 - July 17

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm; Monday - Friday
For girls entering 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades

American Sign Language (week 1) - A general overview of American Sign Language will be introduced. Campers will learn the alphabet and finger spelling, numbers and summer vocabulary in this fun, interactive session.

Art - Campers will explore their creative side through an art workshop each week through painting and photography.

Cyanotype Printing (week 1) - Learn about, then try your hand at this historic photographic printing process. We will use specially coated paper, sunlight and ordinary materials to create these striking indigo-blue art prints.

Go With The Flow (week 2) - Come join us for a relaxing one hour step by step simple watercolor landscape tutorial using watercolor paint and techniques shown and demonstrated by the instructor. For this activity we recommend having your favorite tunes on in the background and get ready to go with the flow.  

Fashion Design (week 1) - This session will give campers the opportunity to express their creativity through their own original fashion designs. Campers will create outfits for different Nardin events using a fashion design app. They will then display their final projects through a virtual presentation in the form of Nardin’s annual Angel Fund Fashion Show.

Girls who Code: TikTok, Bottle Flips and More (week 1) Learn how to use HTML and CSS to build a tutorial that teaches someone how to do something like how to make a TikTok, how to draw a cat, how to make your favorite cookies, how to land a perfect water bottle flip - no skill is too small! We will also be spotlighting a featured Women in Tech, Janelle Hinds.

Girls who Code: Explore the World! (week 2) - Now that it is summer, we want to encourage you to think about some of the wild and outdoor places you'd like to explore. In this session, you'll learn how to use arrays, or lists in JavaScript, to create a virtual hike! You will create a website that can take someone on a trip to visit a national park, your favorite museum, or travel to a different country!

Interior Design (week 2) - Have you been thinking about redesigning your room lately? Now is your chance! Campers will learn the fundamentals of interior design and begin to develop their own style. They will create their dream bedroom while learning about color harmony and layout using an interior design app. Finally, campers will be given the opportunity to share their work with the group. 

Science Around the House (week 1) - This workshop will provide opportunities to experience science experiments and demonstrations using substances and objects that most people have available right in their homes. A list of substances and objects will be provided so campers can participate alongside the instructor. 

Service Tuesdays (both weeks) - Campers will learn about two local charities, Journey’s End and the Response to Love Center and ways they can help the organizations. They will engage in bracelet and blanket making in order to help underprivileged babies and youth. These service projects will be dropped off on July 17 in the Nardin parking lot.

The Art of Descriptive Writing (week 2) - Whether it is literary analysis or creative fictional writing, description and detail are important and essential for polished writers. Do you want to work on creating vivid pictures for your readers' minds? This class will help you capture an event or story using vivid and illustrative writing. We will work on being expressive and creative in our writing by using all five senses, choosing precise and explanatory vocabulary, utilizing specific nouns, active verbs, and striking adjectives, and playing around with figurative language. 

Theater Audition Mini Boot Camp (week 2) - This workshop will simulate a musical theater audition, allowing participants to "try-out" for a musical. We will review audition etiquette plus tips and tricks for a successful musical theater audition in the future. This workshop is ideal for non-dancers/singers/actors as well as experienced performers.

Wellness Wednesdays - Each Wednesday campers will participate in active sessions as well as activities to care for their emotional health. During our first Wednesday, we will talk about positive thinking and visualization through creating a vision board that is unique to you! The following week, we’ll discuss self-care and learn easy ways to show love to yourself and others while getting a chance to make a positive affirmation bracelet.

Yoga (week 1) - Yoga is one of the healthiest things you can do! It brings balance to your body, helps you to grow, learn and be the best version of you that you can be. In this hour long session we will move through some basic Yoga poses in a dynamic and fun vinyasa flow sequence. No experience is necessary. You are welcome to use a yoga mat if you have one but it is not required.

Zumba (week 2) - Zumba is a Latin inspired upbeat dance fitness program that is easy to follow. It is an “exercise in disguise” party! Zumba is designed for the very young to the very old and it’s about moving and having fun, not about getting the steps right. You will leave smiling! No experience is necessary.